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Africa’s Top 10 Business Apps 

10 SlimTrader – Allows users to carry out e-commerce transactions such as buying or paying for goods and services via SMS or WAP, effectively shopping by text messages and is the first platform in Africa to do so. Founded in 2009, the service operates in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, SlimTrader links directly into the inventory, ordering and payment databases of participating businesses.

9 Lightstone Live – This app won the 2013 MTN Award Best Android enterprise app category and has revolutionised South Africa’s car sales industry by allowing car dealers to instantly validate both a vehicle and a potential buyer within seconds. The VVi app, a first-of-its-kind in South Africa, generates instant vehicle verification reports by scanning the barcode encrypted VIN number on the vehicle’s licence disc using a smartphone.

8 – allows the busy executive to work from wherever they are on their mobile phone. Box offers six native mobile apps and has more than 30 mobile partners and says its website, more are on the way. It provides simple, secure content sharing meaning you can assign edits, monitor changes and view documents will on the go.

7 Evolution Mobile Sales – A winner in the 2013 MTN apps awards, this ERP solution gives a sales force the ability to extend business borders by transacting anywhere, anytime. Sales executives and management can view customisable dashboards and real time information on customers, inventory, expenses and other key business information

6 MarkitShare – is an application that claims to modernise the entire process of listing real-estate to an end-point or client environment such as a real-estate website. It allows real-estate agencies and agents to move information around within a social platform, maximising the day to day performance of the industry itself. It won the Best Android app Enterprise in the 2013 MTN app awards.


5 Minishop – the app which aims to improve the way small and medium sized enterprise keep financial records by proving them an affordable and user-friendly accounting package, was developed by Tanzanian software engineer Eric Mutta, who successfully secured $328,000 in funding for the app. Better financial records make it easier to apply for loans that can be used to grow the business, increase employment and contribute to government revenues.

4 Icow – An innovative mobile app powered by Safaricom which enables dairy farmers in Kenya to keep tabs on their cows and enjoy tips on best practice. Data has shown farmers who used It for seven months begin to realise an increase in milk output of between two and to three litres a day which translates into an average increased income of KSh 25,000 to Ksh 30,000 a year per animal.

3 M-Farm – Launched in June 2012, M-Farm is aimed primarily at Kenyan farmers who can get up-to-date information on crop prices and farming-related matters. The SMS-based service, which has won many accolades and received Samsung backing, allows users are also able to request prices for five major towns in Kenya.

2ProworkEmpowers businesses by bringing project management and collaboration together on one platform. It is easy to use has low entry requirements zero migration costs and a cloud centric approach. It is available on the most popular mobile platforms making it five times more appealing than its competitors. It was the Apps4Africa 2012 Challenge winner.

1 M-PESA – The African leader in mobile money apps it allows users to deposit, withdraw and transfer money using a mobile device, which is a breakthrough in African countries where banks are characterised by long queues and lower number of staff. The award winning app has 17 million users in Kenya alone and there are also additional markets in South Africa and Tanzania. It was launched by telecommunications company Safaricom and enables businesses to collect from customers anywhere they operate. It also allows for flexible transactions and mobile banking as well as conducting transactions after normal banking hours.


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