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Africa’s Richest Woman Isabel Dos Santos Invested 90 Million Euro In Cape Verde

Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos said on Friday that she has invested about US $ 100 million (90 million euros) in Cape Verde since 2012, arguing that the country has adequate conditions to invest in health tourism.

“We have already made investments of US $ 100 million, first in telecommunications and then in finance,” said the businesswoman during the panel ‘Economy 3.0 The Future of Cape Verde and the role of Portugal’, inserted in the Conference organized by Lusa on the economy. of the archipelago, which is taking place today

The Angolan businesswoman praised the Government and the conditions created for the creation of foreign investment, considering that there has always been a good relationship between the State and the businessmen.

“We always had an open and close dialogue, we felt that people were listening to what we were saying, we are in telecommunications, which is a very fast evolving sector, and this constant interaction with the authorities is fundamental,” said Isabel dos Santos.

Asked if Health can be one of the distinguishing factors of the country, in the context of the creation of health tourism, Isabel dos Santos replied that “Cape Verde has all the conditions to become a health tourism hub”, listing the following: advantages of the country.


In this panel, the finance minister also highlighted the potentialities of the archipelago, considering that more needs to be done to capture more foreign investment that the archipelago can develop.

“We want to have dozens, hundreds of companies here, we have well-meaning and targeted policies to capture companies in critical quantities to bring about change,” said Olavo Correia.

For the Government, the application of zero tax rates is out of the question, but the Executive assures that there are “reduced rates, tax and parafiscal incentives, but above all a big bet on the qualification of human resources, because what people do is business. “

CVTelecom’s president, José Livramento, stressed Cape Verde’s good indicators in the use of technology, namely in mobile data connections, whose adhesion is in 60% of the population, above the world average of 53%, but stressed that there are still challenges to overtake.

“In the competitiveness report of the World Economic Forum, we are in 132nd place out of 141, and one of the penalizing elements is the capacity for innovation; the informality of the economy and poverty are obstacles to business development,” he said.


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