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Africa’s Richest Man Promises To Invest $150 Million On A Solar Power Project In Nigeria!


Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, will invest 150 million USD on a solar power project in Northern Nigeria.

Dangote group of companies signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with the county government of Kano in Northern Nigeria for the construction of a 100 megawatts solar power plant according to the report by Daily Trust.


Dangote will be partnering with Black Rhino Group in the project that hopes to see the once vibrant industrial and commercial city of Kano restored to that economic success that it enjoyed in the past three decades.

“As we all know Kano’s pre-eminent status as a great entrepot and centre of commerce in the Sub-Saharan region for almost two centuries has sadly declined,” said Aliko Dangote group’s Executive Director, Engr. Mansur Ahmed, adding “We need energy to make progress and development anywhere in the world, so we believe this is a right step in the right direction.”Inadequate supply of reliable and affordable electricity is one of the critical challenges confronting the state’s and the country’s economy.

“The project, to be jointly financed by Dangote Industries Limited and the Black Rhino Group, is expected to provide state of the art renewable energy plant… It will convert the abundant energy of the sun into high quality clean Electricity,” said Ahmed.


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