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Africa’s Largest Economy: 40 Old Photos That Will Show You How Times Have Changed In Nigeria

Nigeria has grown to be Africa’s largest economy; the country has transformed from an unpretentious mishmash to a soaring capital in less than a century. You will be amazed at how Nigeria has changed throughout history, from economic growth, population growth, innovative government, oil and gas boom, transportation, real estate developments and revolutions. We look back at the history of Nigeria, we remember the good times and the bad times, we also look at the way people used to live and dress.

We present to you 40 old photos that will show you how times have changed in Nigeria. These stunning photos show the big difference between those days and now:

1. Independence Building and Lagos Harbour (1974)

Lagos Harbour in 1974 | How Africa News

2. General View Of Historic Kano City (1950s)

Kano City Nigeria 1950 1970 | How Africa News's; General View Of Historic Kano City

3. When Queen Elizabeth met her people – Nigerians (1950s)

Queen Elizabeth in Nigeria | How Africa News

4. A view from Ikoyi Park, Lagos

a View from Ikoyi Park Lagos | How Africa News

5. A Nigerian chief with his family (1910)

a Nigerian Chief with His Family 1910 | How Africa News

6. Fulani Milkmaids (1960s-1970s)

Fulani Milkmaidsjohn Hinde Collection 1960s 1970s | How Africa News

7. Transportation in Nigeria

Transportation Old | How Africa News

8. Igbo soldier during the Nigerian Civil War, (November, 1968)

Igbo Soldier During the Nigerian Civil War November 1968 | How Africa News

9. Hair braiding in Nigeria. 1960

Hair Braiding 1960 | How Africa News

10. Nigeria leaders in those days


Nigeria Leaders Olden Days | How Africa News

11. Old Carter bridge Lagos

Old Carter Bridge Lagos | How Africa News

12. Regiment of mounted armed guards in a procession during festival of Sallah in Katsina

Regiment of Mounted Armed Guards in a Procession During Festival of Sallah Katsina Nigeria | How Africa News

13. A Yoruba woman in a traditional attire

a Nigerian Woman in Traditional Dress Photo by John Hinde | How Africa News

14. A man and a lady on a motorcycle in Lagos Nigeria (1969)

a Man and a Lady on a Motorcycle in Lagos Nigeria 1969 | How Africa News

15. Ben Ekanem’s equestrian Statue of Queen Amina- National Theatre Lagos, (1980)

Ben Ekanems Equestrian Statue of Queen Amina National Theatre Lagos 1980 | How Africa News

16. African Visionary: Chief Festus Sam Okotie-Eboh – a Nigerian politician and former minister for finance (1919-1966)

African Visionar chief Festus Sam Okotie eboh 1919 1966 | How Africa News

 17. A Nigerian chief with his family, 1910

a Nigerian Chief with His Family 1910 | How Africa News



18. Mary Slessor’s House in Calabar, Built in 1880. 

Mary Slesssor | How Africa News's House

19. CKC (Christ the king College), Onitsha. Central buildings, (1961) 

Ckc christ the King College Onitsha Central Buildings 1961 | How Africa News)

20. Carter bridge street scene, Lagos Island (1950s) 

Carter Bridge Street Scene Lagos Island 1950s Published by Federal Ministry of Information | How Africa News

21. Asaba-Onitsha ferry crossing (1959)

Asaba onitsha Ferry Crossing 1959 | How Africa News

22. The main core of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife.

University of Ife Now Oau | How Africa News

23. Main Gate University of Ibadan, (1960)

Main Gate University of Ibadan 1960s | How Africa News

24. The Lagos Railway (1900s)

the Lagos Railway 1900s | How Africa News

25. Western House of Assembly, Ibadan (late 1950s)

Western House of Assembly Ibadan | How Africa News

26. Independence Fountain on the main road leading into the city of Kaduna, Nigeria (1960s)

Independence Fountain on the Main Road Leading into the City of Kaduna Nigeria | How Africa News

27. Humuani Mosque, Lagos (1933)

Humuani Mosque Lagos 1933 | How Africa News

24. Nigeria Airways Fokker 28 at Calabar airport (1970s)

Nigeria Airways Fokker 28 at Calabar Airport 1970s | How Africa News

25. The Niger at Jebba (1930)

Niger at Jebba in 1930 | How Africa News

26. Gurara Waterfalls ( From an old postcard)

Gurara Waterfalls | How Africa News

27. Entrance to the Emir of Zarias Palace in Kaduna (1973)

Emir of Zarias Palace in Kaduna 1973 | How Africa News

28. Lugard Memorial Hall , Kaduna (1960s.)

Lugard Memorial Hall Kaduna | How Africa News

29. Emirs palace, Kano (1960)

Kano Mosque 1960s | How Africa News

30. Chapel Of The Resurrection, University Of Ibadan (1960s)

Chapel of the Resurrection University of Ibadan | How Africa News

31. Central bank of Nigeria, Lagos (1950s)

Central Bank of Nigeria Lagos | How Africa News

32. Barclays bank and Shell Petroleum buildings, Lagos (1960s-Early 1970s)

Barclays and Shell Petroleum Buildings Lagos | How Africa News

33. University College Hospital, Ibadan (1960s)

University College Hospital Ibadan C1960s | How Africa News

34. The Lagos – Kaduna Railway (1936)

the Lagos Kaduna Railway This Picture Was Taken in 1936 | How Africa News

35. General Post Office, Lagos (1973)

General Post Office Lagos 1973 | How Africa News

36. Mapo Hall, Mapo Hill Ibadan (1975)

Mapo Hall Mapo Hill Ibadan | How Africa News

37. The London and Kano trading company, Lagos (1960s)

the London and Kano Trading Company Lagos | How Africa News

38. Ikorodu expressway, Lagos (1970s)

Ikorodu Expressway Lagos 1970s | How Africa News

39. Lagos Airport – Fokker FK27 BOAC and Shell Tanker Fokker (1960s)

Lagos Airport | How Africa News

40. Ibadan, Capital and Seat of Government, Western Nigeria (1968)

Ibadan Capital and Seat of Government | How Africa News

Nigeria has changed beyond recognition, these photos has transformed Nigeria into the country we know today.

These photographs are directly from Nigerian Nostalgia Project’s archives and The Nigerian Nostalgia 1960 -1980 Project on Facebook. For more old pictures and history of Nigeria, Visit: Nigeria Nostalgia

What do you think? Do you have an old picture that shows how times has changed in Nigeria? Share them with us on our Facebook page and leave your comments below:

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