Why Africans Are The Most Vulnerable People In The World

The moment you are ashamed of the place you come from, you are a homeless person. And people without a home are the most vulnerable people in the world.

Then, the moment you start owning the shame of your current condition, you’d create hope for yourself and a future for your children.

Trying to run away of that shame by borrowing foreign names, culture and strength to cover it, is the biggest mistake we, as Africans, are collectively making.

Many Africans invest a lot of time to integrate into other races culture, to ultimately find out that they were chasing an impossible dream.

If you already have a home, which is nice and respectable, your friends and even strangers are happy to welcome you into their home. They would even be open to host you as long as you wish, because they know you have a home to go back to.

However, when you have no home, everyone, include your friends, would be reluctant to invite you over, and unlikely to let you stay over for more than few days, in fear that you’d try to make their home yours.

The problem of Africans is that they make everyone feel that they have no home, and they are looking for new home.


And, regardless of their wish to abandon their languages, wear alien hair, change skin tone, adopt alien culture, dress differently in order to integrate other people world, they are not welcome anywhere in the world regardless of those huge sacrifice; simply because everyone expect them to build their own home, instead of using so much energy and resources to squatter other people places, and begging to be liked and accepted.

I’ve seen so many Africans broken by their dream to become Russian, French, British, Belgian.

Passed the honeymoon period where they are taken like good exotic toy to mingle with or invite over, they’d face the harsh reality of life which is, no one really cares about your exotism if you have no home where you can invite your friends over without being embarrassed or embarrassing your friends.

Individual success or integration would never bring you respect, if the place you come from is a pit hole, and deep down, you are ashamed of it.

Homeless Africans eager to integrate foreign cultures often called themselves with hyphen names: African-american, Afro-European, Afro-British, African-Italians, etc. They hate the question “Where are you from?” Which hits them as an enemy bullet regardless of their desperate and hard effort to make people to forget they are from Africa.

“I’m not African. I’m European” said a Togolese descendant in Vilnius. He refused to associate with Africans because they remind him a place he does not want to associate with: Africa.

Those types are many, and often have more alien friends than fellows Africans. But one day, you see them coming back home, crying for help or comfort. They come to know that homeless people are mistreated where ever they are found.

The huge mental energy Africans are currently using in order to assimilate alien cultures, or to be integrated into foreign societies, could easily been used to build for our children the greatest civilization on earth.



Written by PH

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