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Africans Tweet Bomb A U.S Journalist For Calling Africa ‘A Starving Country’

To many Westerners, especially Americans, Africa is a country and it is faced with many problems.

Africans tweet bomb a U.S journalist for calling 'Africa a starving country 'Africans tweet bomb a U.S journalist for calling ‘Africa a starving country ‘  (Africannews)

Africans on Twitter have unleashed weapons in the form of words on a United States (U.S) journalist for calling Africa ‘a country that is facing a starvation problem’.

The journalist, identified as Kelly Cohen, shared a student’s homework on his Twitter handle – @politiCOHEN_. And this piece recommends starvation in Africa as a solution to a problem called ‘Donald Trump’.

This made Africans on the social media platform to call out education system of U.S for spreading ignorance and misrepresentation of the region.


This is a usual practice of Western media houses

It is not the first time western-based media outfits would be called out for misrepresentation and bad reportage about Africa. In 2017, many twitter campaigns were launched to address false stories and inaccurate reportage about the region.


These inaccurate reportages by the foreign media in 2017 didn’t exclude Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari. An image of his return from medical leave in the United Kingdom was used to describe a Ghanaian arrested for visa fraud case by the New York Times.


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