Why Africans Need To Make More Babies

When the US got independent on July 04, 1776, they had a population of less than 3 millions and now has over 300 millions inhabitants.

In 1770, African-Americans were more than 21% of the US population. In 1990 they represented only 12%.

During the same period, in 1770 White people represented 78% of the US population, but in 1990 they were over 80% of the US population.

The African-American population in 1990 was about half of what it was in 1770, roughly the same proportion as in 1900.


Furthermore, the same phenomenon happened in Africa, where compared to other part of the world African population has stagnated during the last 5 centuries, while for example population from Europe and european descent have quadrupled compared to African populations.

Don’t listen to Bill Gates or the Europeans in Africa trying to reduce African population.

There is a war against Africans demographic. Look the face of the people trying to implement population reduction in Africa, and make your own conclusion.

Africans of the world, Unite and Make more Babies!

source: Silicon Africa


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