Africans!! Here’re The 3 Worst Breakfasts: If You Eat Them In The Morning, Your Metabolism Will Be Blocked The Rest Of The Day!!

Breakfast is the healthiest meal as it starts up the organism and prepares it for the upcoming hours. Hence, if you want to begin your day healthy and tasty at the same time, you should avoid the three types of breakfasts mentioned below. Namely, they’ll only slow down your metabolism during the next 12 hours and cause unhealthy weight gain. Additionally, you might experience numerous bowel infections and acid reflux.

  • Fruit juices and yogurts

Although their labels says ‘100% natural’, store-bought fruit juices are filled with sugars and additives. Namely, when consumed on an empty stomach, this beverage will provide you with energy, but it will take it away quickly. Also, such juices have little or no nutritive value.

Instead, you should opt for real fruits rich in fibers needed for proper digestion, combined with a bowl of cereals. The same goes for fruit yogurts. Instead, choose an unsweetened probiotic and a slice of toasted bread with marmalade.

  • Baked goods

Rolls, donuts, and other baked goods are very tasty and provide a feeling of satiety; however, they often contain big amounts of additives, salt, and sugars, which is not a good option for breakfast.

Namely, they retain water in the organism and the puff pastry is fatty, difficult to digest, and poor in nutritive values. If you like eating baked goods for breakfast choose the ones made from whole wheat and combine it with some butter, marmalade, or dairy spread of your choosing.

  • Fatty breakfasts

Fatty and caloric foods like fried eggs, white bread, and fatty lunch meats, spiced up with mayonnaise and similar spreads, are not recommended as a healthy option for breakfast. Unless you’re working some difficult physical job, your body doesn’t need such a breakfast as it will take a lot of time for your body to digest it.

Big amounts of unhealthy fats will end up forming fat, while the body remains deprived of the needed vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Instead, boil some eggs for breakfast and combine them with a slice of toasted bread and a cup of tea.


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