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#AfricanLivesMatter: Police vs. Immigrant (Must Watch)

We all know about the black lives matter movement, watch how this African man responds after getting pulled over by a white cop.


Source: SaharaTV


Written by How Africa News

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  1. If you are a Black African pay close attention, the word “white” encompasses all nations, Creed’s, & races and country’s of origin is obsolete and this why it was unanimously chosen. As for the word “black” it works the same way, regardless to whether you are Haitian, Congolesian, or Zimbabwean, it doesn’t matter because when you enter the westernized world you become “black” & the rest is Symantec’s. This has been confirmed on multiple occasions such as the young tourist from the UK where they made it clear that they are forced to identify under black African-American and this label “black” does not exclude black Africans hence the reason for the first identifying liable starting with the word “BLACK”-african the rest is irrelevant…you should try and understand this especially for those that tend to still feel that occupation is some sort of EXPRESS PASS OUT OF THEIR “BLACKNESS” now black African brother/sister to understand and accept this is to PRESERVE YOUR LIFE because at times failure to misunderstand could become “DEADLY” so since we’ve already established this and if you didn’t get it…THE SLAVE NEVER ASKED FOR “TRIBAL” IDENTIFICATION you where shackles, chained, hog-tied, & branded according to “YOUR-BLACKNESS” now I really hope that we can all understand why African lives are on one accord with Black lives when you are in the presence of racist your identification is YOUR SKIN apart from that stay safe, be good, & try to enjoy your stay !

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