African Women: Makeup Mistake Women Make and How You Can Avoid Them

In reality, even the most experienced women who use makeup can be a victim of  Makeup Mistake every now and then. There are many common makeup mistakes that most women don’t even realize are mistakes. To avoid these blunders, here are the most common ones and what you can do about them.

  1. Applying Makeup in Dry and/or Flaky Skin

Applying foundation on chapped skin is a big mistake since it will just emphasize the flaking. Make sure to avoid dry, flaky skin by exfoliating regularly and using a rich moisturizer immediately after. If your skin is smooth, application goes much smoother, resulting in a better finished look.

  1. Using the Wrong Shade of Foundation

This is actually a common error that even experienced women make. Foundation isn’t really supposed to give the skin a little bit of a tan; this is what bronzers are for. Always use a foundation that blends with your specific skin tone. Test on your jawline and not your hand before making your purchase.

  1. The Use of Pencil on Your Eyebrows

A pencilled eyebrow simply looks unnatural (and a little weird). However, many women still make this makeup mistakes. It would be better to choose an eyeshadow color which matches your hair color and use a thin but stiff brush (apply with very small strokes).


  1. Attempting to Create the Illusion of Plumper Lips

Most people know about the trick of lining the edge of the natural lip line to create an appearance of fuller lips. This only works sometimes and takes a lot of experience and to pull off correctly. It would be better to not try it at all if the look will just be tacky and unnatural.

  1. Trying to “sculpt” Your Face

This is also very complicated and is best left to professionals. Moreover, it is best used only for photography or videos. This is because it is almost impossible to use dark colors that are not very obvious when viewed in person especially if it is bright. It would be better to focus on pretty, soft makeup that will highlight your best features.

  1. Using Black Eyeliner during Daytime

The general rule is that dark colors shrink and recede while light colors advance and bring forward. This is the reason it is recommended by experts to skip black eyeliner especially when it comes to the area under the uses. This will open up the eyes and make you appear more awake.

  1. Wearing Makeup with Glitter

Unless you are a teenager or exotic dancer, stop wearing glitter. It travels on your face which can leave strange sparkly spots that get stuck where they shouldn’t. You can instead use shadows that have a mild shimmer but only do so sparingly.

  1. Using Too Much Illuminating Products

Luminous particles have become very popular in recent years. In fact, it has been added to many products from foundations to highlighting products. One or two of these can make you look fresh and give you a natural glow. However, too much can make you look strange as if your head is glowing. Limit the use of illuminating products to certain areas like the cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes and under the eyes.

  1. Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

This is a very common makeup mishap which can lead to breakouts and blemishes. If your makeup constantly doesn’t look fresh or you often suffer from acne, your makeup brushes may be the culprit. You need to clean your brushes regularly and replace your sponges too. Bacteria can proliferate in brushes and sponges which can increase risk of breakouts. Sponges are cheap so just discard it after a few uses.Learn how to wash your makeup brushes correctly or just buy a new one every few weeks.

  1. Not Switching Your Makeup According to Season

If you usually find your eye makeup running as the season changes, you need to learn to switch formulas from one season to another. For instance, switch over your makeup during spring and summer to those that are waterproof. This will prevent your makeup from melting away. Try different products in your favourite department store and ask the attendant for recommendations.


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Addie Davison is a freelance writer from Newyork, New Jersey, USA.As she is very health conscious so she loves to write about beauty, skin care, lifestyle, makeup. She is very hard-working and responsible. Her articles are very detail oriented and unique.


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