African Women: Here are 7 Breast Changes to NEVER Ignore

Breast changes are usually normal but in some cases they may be signs of breast cancer!

Breast changes occur and differ from a lady/woman to the other.

Sometimes breast changes are usually nothing to worry about but in some cases they may be signs of a serious underlying health and with breast the commonest remain breast cancer! Breast cancer can be deadly when not caught/detected and treated at an early stage making chances of survival low.

Breast ExaminationRegular Breast Examination helps for early detection

(Michigan Cosmetic Surgery)

Before the breast become cancerous there are warning signs (these can differ from a person to the other) that indicate there might be an issue most times  and usually when these signs are ignored they lead to serious issues, in this case breast cancer which can be deadly if not treated early.

The warning signs of cancer of the breast are not the same for all women though the most common signs are changes in the look or feel of the breast, a change in the look or feel of the nipple and nipple discharge and so on.

Breast examinationBreast examination

(Michigan Cosmetic Surgery)

To pay extra care, it’s best to always carry out a self breast examination and check with a practitioner often. However if these changes occur, they shouldn’t be discarded:

1. Abnormal lumps or hard knot or  thickening around the underarm or (inside) the breast that feel noticeably different from the other area.

2. Sudden bloody or white nipple discharge (a milky discharge may not necessarily be a sign of anything serious) on only one of the breast.

3. Pain that won’t desist -usually around a particular area- of the breast.

4. Dimpling of the skin around the breast area

5. Sore, unusual inverted and itchy patches on the nipples areas

6. Changes in breast size

7. Swelling, darkening and somewhat discomfort on and around the breast


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