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African Women ‘HATE’ Dating Men In These 5 Professions!! (and the reason why)

– We live in the era of ‘sponsorship’ and material women, hence, when she asks what you do for a living, many men would think she wants to gauge how loaded they are

-This is, however, not always the case, African women are now cautious and would not just date anyone for money.

The women engaged by the writer described the following professions as ‘tricky’ and they would not want men pursuing these careers:

5. Doctor

Apparently some women have problems with men in these professions

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A doc is always on call

“I wouldn’t marry a doctor because they are always on call, my dad was one and half the time he wasn’t around, ” Winnie my colleague said when I asked her if she would mind a doctor.

Apparently a number of Kenyan ladies dread dating a doctor thinking he would leave her in the cold when called upon to save a life. She will be lonely and might be forced to look for a Ben 10 to warm her bed when he is away.

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4. Lawyer

Apparently some women have problems with men in these professions

Lawyers protest the brutal murder of their colleague

Women have a problem with lawyers, I did not see this coming.

A lady friend said criminal lawyers are a no go zone, “If a case in which the lawyer is involved doesn’t go well, the first target is always him or his family” .

I have also learnt that some Kenyan women think lawyers are argumentative and would want them to substantiate every statement or requests they make to their husbands.



“They are secretive and the LIE, ” my colleague in the marketing department said about Kenyan spies working with the National Intelligence Service.

While doing my research another lady said that she wouldn’t know if the man is spying on her because once in a while one must lie.

2. KDF soldier

Apparently some women have problems with men in these professions

KDF soldier

When I popped this question to ladies,” would you marry a man serving in the Kenya Defence Forces?” I received interesting responses.

“I would not sleep in the same house with a gun,” Purity said. “I cannot date someone with blood in his hands,” another one asserted.

There is also the fear of anxiety when he is sent on a mission. I figured that after KDF was deployed in Somalia and the bloody news coming from that end, a big section of women is not comfortable dating them anymore.

Apparently some women have problems with men in these professions


1. Tenderprenuers

This is the newest carrier in Kenya. They are men and women securing tenders through fraudulent means. The likes of people mentioned in the different Kenyan scandals including the NYS. Some women now say that it is good they have money but they are always on their many phones scheming a new fraud.

You will have a lot of money but if you are a conscious person, you will not be at peace with yourself because he is not different from the thief robbing you at gun point, both of them are thieves,” one of my respondents said emphatically as her friends applauded her.



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