African Women: Breastfeeding Reduces Woman’s Risk Of Diabetes

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of diabetes
Breastfeeding reduces the risk of diabetes
Canadian scientists has found out in major study that breastfeeding reduces woman’s risk of having diabetes.
Breast milk is beneficial for both mom and child as it also reduces her baby’s chance of developing the condition in adulthood.


According to the study, the longer a woman breastfed, the greater the benefits. Breastfeeding affects women’s bodies in so many different ways, It has an impact on their ovarian hormones, their glucose metabolism, their inflammatory response.

A mom who has gestational diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk that her child will become obese during childhood. However, the study found that breastfeeding a baby for at least six months neutralizes that risk.

The results showed that women who had started breastfeeding were 23 per cent less likely to develop diabetes over the 24-year time frame. Professor Shen, who presented the findings this week at the World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver.

Breastfeeding burns extra calories, so it can help you lose pregnancy weight faster. It releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and may reduce uterine bleeding after birth.


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