African Woman Gives Love Lesson To European Women (Video)

For women, living with a man in a conjugal fashion and expressing his love for him is conceived differently according to society. The way African women love and show their love to their darling is very different from that of Europeans. This is what Grace, a young African recently tried to demonstrate during his stint on the TV show ” It’s my choice  ” on the French channel TF1.

For Grace to love her husband is to take care of him. The young African explains for example: ” When my husband comes home from work, I take off his jacket, I welcome him I massage his feet, I cut his nails.In the morning, I get up early, I make myself beautiful, I accompany the children to school, I prepare her breakfast  “.


Conduct deemed unacceptable to European women. But the young Grace continues to support her point of view by explaining that she does it out of love. She is very fulfilled in this way of living with her husband. Even though she is tired, she can find time to rest and do all the housework.

A way to love her husband who is very badly conceived in the eyes of European women. For the latter, the man and the woman must from time to time take turns in the accomplishment of the domestic tasks. Just as the woman does the dishes, so must the man. But for Grace, there is no question of accepting this approach. Because for her, the man must work and bring money home, offer him gifts, organize trips etc. While the woman has to take care of both her house, her man and the children.

Should this position of Grace still be acceptable today? What is the right approach that you think should be taken?


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