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This African Tribe, Ndebele Tribe Has A Very Nice Way To Punish Those Who Act Badly! So Interesting!!!

Human relations in the Ndebele tribe of South Africa are admirable. When a member is at fault, no negative judgment, no penalty. The tribesmen reserve him a different treatment …

The beautiful lesson of humanity from the Ndebele tribeOur modern civilization certainly has some beautiful lessons of humanity – and humilité- to take its neighbors. Especially among the Ndebele tribe.

Yet we like to think that we are part of “the most civilized society.” A sort of culmination of human history whose choices made are the best.

However, other communities around the world have social functioning that may be radically different from ours. Are they so good for so much?

No sanction in the Ndebele tribe

In Ndebele, South African tribe, when someone makes a mistake, he is at fault: other community members react with a humanity that can seem bewildering to our Western eyes.

For two days, they will surround the “unfortunate” and discuss with him all the great and beautiful things he has done in the past. So they will develop as much as possible about the momentarily lost. In this way they allow it to be reconnected to its true nature and to reinstate the group. No sanction is required. Social rehabilitation is immediate.

In the Ndebele tribe, the belief that humans are inherently good and that all seek safety, love, peace and happiness is a certainty. In this research, the personal error is possible, but the community members ensure that each other does not stray.

At home: it is repression and restriction of freedoms

The attention and positive action which the Ndebele community shows for those who fault seems far from our operation. But how could we spend the time and energy required? Our spare time is so limited, our lifestyle producer-consumer is entirely devoted to his master money.

The Ndebele are committed to enhancing the offending rather than punish. With us is that apply the sanction, as provided by law.


How can we hope that one day, a significant change considering the individual company before profit can happen here?

Our politicians have become mere financial managers, so that this work could be done – and even better – by accounting experts. No, do not expect anything from them. The existing major differences between civilizations “modern” such as ours, and operation of companies called “minor”, lies well in this essential point: the relationship with money.

Modern societies are facing money

Our company has turned to money, wealth and power. The human disappears behind the mandated need to earn more, produce more and consume more. As if our values and ethics were muted, fully conditioned as we are by our body and soul devotion to the sacrosanct economic growth.


With us, one that fault is feeling guilty and sanctioned with the hope that the restriction of liberty imposed allow him to change. That’s mode hope that our justice works. She did anyway that insufficient financial and human resources to operate otherwise.

However, restriction of liberty, a temporary deprivation of basic human rights are not the intended impact. Many reoffend. Our society should perhaps look into this problem: justice makes judgments she knows ineffective.

A sanction inefficient ahead we know – or how little – is more like torture than anything. It is in any case characterized mistreatment. So bad that it is not successful, or rarely, rehabilitate an offender into society.

Yet behind each “guilty” hides a man with his skills and many respectable achievements, as among the Ndebele. Our fault for us, could they become better if, instead of being made to feel guilty, they were valued? Hard to know without trying.

“Sawubona” – “Sikhona”

In conclusion let me introduce you the greeting of the Ndebele, also full of humanity:

As we say hello, tell them “sawubona” – I like you, I respect you, you are important to me. The answer is “sikhona” – therefore I exist for you.



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