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This African Pastor Claims That God Calls Him On His Mobile Phone

A Zimbabwean pastor said he had the private phone number of God, a statement that left a lot of shock and disbelief.

The controversial Zimbabwean pastor, Pastor Paul Sanyangore shocked his congregation when he claimed he was receiving phone calls from God.

The pastor made the shocking statement Sunday, February 19, 2017 addressing his congregation by adding that he has a direct line on which God can be contacted in heaven.

He added that he called paradise for instructions and instructions on how best to help his colleagues.

The pastor said: “I have a direct channel, in fact I have its number and I can call it when it is necessary”.


Describing the person at the other end of the heavenly “heaven” conversation, the pastor prophesying about a certain lady told him his origin at the shock of his congregation. .

He added, “I received instructions on the phone about what to do or say and that’s what happened on Sunday. If the heavens spoke to Abraham, why not us? You are of small faith and people will always have doubts while others will be delivered.

“I know people say what they want, some might think it’s a publicity stunt and all is well. We do not advertise; What benefit will we derive from this?


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