African Parents!! Stop Buying ‘Nutella’; It Could Poison You And The Family!!! Details Inside..

Believe it or not, GMO foods have become more and more frequent on markets worldwide. Although manufacturers advertise them as healthy, they’re everything but that. Among the vast number of genetically modified foods is the popular Nutella spread. According to the brand, their products are healthy and suitable for people from 7 to 77.

However, according to researchers, all of the ingredients in Nutella are harmful or genetically modified. The four most harmful substances in Nutella are the following:

  • Soy– nowadays, a large percentage of the soy in the West is artificial. Nutella contains soy lecithin which is a very dangerous ingredient known to cause thyroid problems, weight gain, problems with menstruation, fatigue, breast cancer, and premature puberty.
  • Sugar– the sugar used in this spread is derived from GMO sugar beef which is cheap and full of pesticides. This sugar is a neurotoxin because it is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and kill brain cells. It’s known to cause diseases like ADHD, ADD, autism, migraine, depression, etc.
  • Skim milk-opposite of the advertisements, the milk in Nutella isn’t skim milk, but pus-filled milk from sick cows exposed to GMO corn and antibiotics. The end product is milk without any smell which contains powdered milk-this milk contains the most dangerous kind of bad cholesterol.
  • Vanillin– this is an artificial flavor which tricks the brain into thinking that you’re feeling the actual vanilla flavor. This neurotoxin can destroy brain cells. Also, it causes addiction. Vanillin is produced in petroleum-based factories in China-the largest manufacturers of vanillin in the world.

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