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African Parents: Elbow Dislocation In Our Children; Here Is What To Do!!

Today I come to talk to you about a very important subject, because it deals with the health of our children, but unfortunately it is not widespread enough.

In pictures 1, 2 and 3, the parents catch the hands of their child and project it; An adult a little pressed catches his toddler and pulls it by the hand, arms raised vertically; A baby caught by the hands then pulled towards the adult to raise it or an adult who catches the hands of a child and projects it by turning. Scenes can not be more banal, is not it? Yet, did you know that these acts can be dangerous for the child? Little is said about it, but health professionals often find problems related to these everyday actions where the adult pulls the child by his arm. Generally, this happens mostly in children aged between 18 months and 5 years, because as children grow, their ligaments become stronger.


By doing this, the head of the radius, one of the two bones of the forearm, is disentangled by leaving its ligament slightly, causing a dislocation or subluxation (incomplete luxation) of the elbow. The child begins to cry at one stroke and stops as long as the arm is not pressed. He is unable to locate the pain because it will be present from the wrist to the elbow. The child will be unable to bend his elbow, he will no longer control his arm and he will “hang down” softly. He will try to stick it to his body by holding it with his other arm.


If this happens, take your child as soon as possible to the doctor who will detect the problem with a simple palpation and replace the radius by pulling the child’s arm and exerting pressure with his thumb. We will hear a “clac” end … if you have not fainted ^^.

Nothing is used to make people feel guilty, it happens very often because unfortunately, like many things, we are little to see at all informed on the subject. Remember, prefer to take your child under your arms rather than by your hands and especially do not pull your child’s hand violently (especially if you are in a hurry)!


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