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African Mum – “I Find Myself Facing My Son Whom I Abandoned 25 Years Ago”!!

I am Celine and I have been married to Georges with whom I have three children within ten years. For a moment my sleep and even my peace have been troubled. I really do not know what to do. And the cause is my child.

It all began twenty five years ago.

As a modest family, I was promised a bright future, for I was very brilliant at school. In the teenage years when I needed attention, I began to have dating relationships that were not correct. And it is in this atmosphere that unfortunately I became pregnant. I did not even know that I was pregnant but my mother discovered it. Since my father was so strict, my mother wanted to have me abort but it was unsuccessful. For what is incredible is that during the operation, the fetus seemed to move. At the point where the doctor told my mother: “Madame, it’s better to let the child live there. He struggles too hard to live. If we continue perhaps that it is your daughter that will die “. So we hid the pregnancy as best we could.


After the birth, it was during the holidays, because of my father, my mother confided my son to a woman who lived in the neighborhood but had no children. I knew where my son was but one day, when I was on Easter holidays at my aunt’s house, the woman who had adopted her apparently had problems and she had to move. On my return, I had no news of my son. So I looked for it for years before giving up.

I got maried

The years passed and I ended up resolving not to find my son. With Georges, we were happy with our children Marlene, Corine and Jason. One day, while I was in the office, I was told that someone wanted to see me. He was a young man of about twenty. He said, “Hello mom! “. It was Kevin, my son whom I had just found. The catch is that it was not at all as I imagined. To spare you the details, he had found me and had begun to draw me money. He had lived in foster care and had really suffered. I feel so guilty that I let my son take me money. He is drugged and has really gone bad. I talked to my husband but he does not want to know anything about my son.

I have to choose between the two

One day after I went to get my son at the police station, my husband asked me to choose between my son and him. I love my husband and my children but I want to repair the damage I did to Kevin. I do not know what to do.


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