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African Migrant Warns of South America Route: “Personally, I wouldn’t tell any of my family members to take that route”

Hundreds of Africans seeking entry into the United States are using unconventional routes.

They’re joining Central American migrants on a long and dangerous land journey to the southern border.

Blaise Matshieba Nduluyele, is among such migrants. He’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It was bad and dangerous. Personally, I wouldn’t tell any of my family members to take that route.

After crossing South America, the young man and his family crossed the border into the United States.

In view of the difficulties he claims to have encountered on the way to exile, Blaise does not want his compatriots who dream of the same adventure to follow in his footsteps.

“Frankly, I wouldn’t advise anyone else to take that route. It was bad and dangerous. Me, personally, I wouldn’t tell any of my family members to take that route,“Nduluyele said.


The path to the United States through South America seems safer for many migrants like Blaise Matshieba. But reality quickly caught up with him.

Soon short of money, he, his wife and three children had to spend nights out on the road or in the jungle and almost starved to death, he says.

“When we talk of democracy, we see America. We see the United States of America. Me, I think that in the United States, I can express myself freely. I’ve been to have security and protection. That’s the reason why I chose the United States. But, for me, it’s a place I’ll have protection with my family”, he added.

Blaise is from Yumbi, a town where some 500 people were killed last year.

He and his family were welcomed to the State of Texas. They must now apply for asylum and convince the administration in order to have the right to live in the United States.


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