African Men: These Are The 4 Reasons Why Women Are Always Rejecting Your Proposal

But when you’re getting turned down left and right by every woman you approach, it means there are certain attributes you display which are like Kryptonite to women, resulting in continuous rejection.

Here are 4 reasons why different women won’t give you the time of day.

1. You’re too outspoken

Women love a confident man that is totally sure of himself and offers up a measure of intelligence to stoke the flames of mystery and attraction. However, if you are just sitting there talking about nonsense, telling crude jokes, making unguarded remarks and backhanded compliments that are just plain wrong, you are drastically lowering your dating prospects.

2. You’re extremely boring

You approach women using the same blueprint approach hundreds of men before you had used, along with the same tired pickup lines. Furthermore, constantly talking about dull subjects that women have no interest in is another sure fire way to make them feel uneasy and unreceptive towards you.

3. You have no ambition

What women want is a man who shows stability and ambition in whatever he chooses to do, not the guy who seems to never be able to keep a stable job and doesn’t seem motivated to improve his current situation.

4. You’re simply choosing the wrong types of women

You waste time attempting to impress women that are really just not that into you. You’re consistently pulling out all the stops to convince flaky, superficial and disinterested women to like you instead of building yourself up to attract real, quality relationships.

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