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African Man and His Fiance Discover they are Brother and Sister Few Days to their Marriage

Rose Wanjiku and her boyfriend John Njoroge (not their real names) had dated each other for quite some time and felt time was ripe for them to take their relationship to the next level.

Njoroge decided to introduce his lover to his parents in a bid to kick off marriage plans, but his folks ordered them to call off the relationship because they were related; they were a brother and a sister.

Kenyan lovers discover they're brother and sister days to their planned marriage

The woman discovered that her lover was her blood brother during family introductions. Photo: Kameme TV.
Source: UGC

Speaking to Kameme TV, the two painfully narrated how they had to douse their flaming love after they found out that they were half-siblings as Njoroge’s father had had relations with Wanjiku’s mother leading to her birth.

“After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife and we were thus brother and sister,” Njoroge narrated.

Their hearts were shattered as they had come a long way after meeting in the shoe business when the lady ordered a pair of the footwear from him and the rest became history.

Kenyan lovers discover they're brother and sister days to their planned marriage

The man met the woman while doing shoe business and their love for each other grew. Photo: Kameme TV.
Source: UGC


As blood is thicker than water, the siblings became deeply attracted to each other and an unexplainable love sprung from their friendship.

However, their parents forced them to call off their relationship since in the African culture and of course as Christians, it is unacceptable for brothers and sisters to be married.

“I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative,” said a distraught Wanjiku.

Kenyan lovers discover they're brother and sister days to their planned marriage

A picture of a couple in love. The Kenyan lovers could not proceed with their marriage plans since they were of the same family. Photo: UGC.

One would wonder who to blame for this unfortunate incident, but a cleric from AIC Rungiri Parish told the Media Max owned TV that parents nowadays have long forsaken the family get-together culture.

“Parents should take it upon themselves for their children to know each other and this is only possible in family get-togethers. They should do it even if its once a year so that children can know their kin,” said the cleric.

In other news, a Ghanaian police officer has been captured in a video that is fast going viral as he rejected an amount of money that was to be used to bribe him and strongly warned the driver not to repeat that.

The identity of the police officer is not fully confirmed but it appears as though he comes from the Volta Region and resides in an Akan community as he spoke Twi with a minor Ewe accent.


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