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‘African Leaders Please, Rise Up And Stop This Tyranny In Zambia… Speak To President Lungu’ – GBM Pleas!!

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM has appealed to African leaders to rise up and stop the tyranny by President Edgar Lungu’s government.

GBM, the UPND vice-president, said Zambia had been turned into a boiling pot and advised credible African leaders to urgently speak to President Lungu over the problems he was creating for the nation.

He commended the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) for standing in solidarity with Zambians.

My appeal to credible African leaders is that let them talk to Edgar before he brings this country to its knees. Let our African leaders teach Lungu what democracy means. He has decided to arbitrarily lock up our president HH [Hakainde Hichilema] on trumped-up charges. Our innocent people have been locked up in prisons for cooked up charges. We ask our African leaders to rise up and stop this tyranny in Zambia because the country is not stable at all. The country is divided. Whether one likes it or not, the country is on the verge of collapse,
GBM said.

“I tend to agree with the position of NUMSA on Zambia because if African leaders do not stop Edgar Lungu’s tyranny, then this country is not going anywhere. Africa must know that today in Zambia, if you do not speak Edgar Lungu’s language, as an opposition leader, you will be framed and detained on trumped up charges. If you do not speak Lungu’s language, then you must know that even the Judiciary, which has become highly compromised, even the legislature which, too, is compromised, the police which has been compromised to levels that are alarming, will not be there to defend you.”

He said the silence the Head of State was seeing among Zambians over Hichilema’s continued detention should not be taken for granted.


“So if our African leaders do not rise up to stop him, Zambia will never be a good country to live in. Already as I talk, Zambia is a boiling pot. People are quiet not because they fear Edgar Lungu, no; they are quiet because they are not happy with what he is doing because they are witnessing something which has never happened in a democracy,” GBM said. “Lungu wants to turn this country, which is a democracy, into a one party state. He has driven this country back to where it was before 1991, which is unacceptable. Lungu must not think that when people don’t react, they are stupid, they are docile; they are not. They are waiting for a time when they will also show him that what he is doing is not good for the Zambian people.”

He said he was disappointed that President Lungu had diverted attention from real issues affecting citizens by concentrating only on persecuting the opposition and other people with divergent views.

He has stopped concentrating on the poor Zambians. I have read articles where students at Apex University are failing to pay their examination fees, students at UNZA stage some riots, these are issues that he should start addressing as Head of State and not concentrating on silencing the opposition. You will silence us but you won’t manage silencing our souls and spirits at all,
said GBM.

“Zambia is not the same. Zambians are boiling and when one’s heart is boiling, that tells you something. The judiciary today is very scared to operate independently because of the interference coming from Lungu and the PF. HH did not commit any crime because I was there, I was next to Hakainde Hichilema, at no point did he commit that offence. None of us knew that Edgar Lungu was coming from behind. That was just a trick they made and we are ready to defend the truth about what transpired that day.”


Written by How Africa

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