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African Ladies, Here Are 10 Things To Never Do For A Man, No Matter How Much You Love Him!!


You might think that you love your man very much and that you would do absolutely everything for him, but again, there are also things that a man should never ask a woman to do for him.

Being in a relationship does not mean you have to give up your most basic rights, read these ten things a man should never ask a woman to do.

10. Stop seeing your friends

You need a life outside a relationship and friends are an important part of it. If your man tries to stop you from going out with your friends, it’s a sign that he wants to impose a way of life. He wants to control your actions. A behavior not to be accepted, because a union builds on trust.

9. Being just a woman subject without limit

Yes, some men still think that women should know their place! Well, do not accept it. Some men take themselves as phallocrates and reduce their women to the smallest expression. They think they are all allowed on the woman. Know ladies, that this era is over. Know no.

8. Force yourself to stay when you really want to go

If you are really unhappy in a relationship, then you should think about ending it. Do not let a man force you to stay, just because he does not want it to end, do not let him do you emotional blackmail either.

7. Stop seeing your family

Relationships with parents-in-law can often be difficult, but they have no right to tell you to stop seeing your family, or to impose a difficult choice between them and themselves. Your family was there before him and will be there for you, after him.


6. Make a baby without being ready

It is your body and you will know when the time is best for you to have children. Children are not only accessories that flourish a relationship, they also ask for availability to educate them, and both partners must make sure that they are ready for it.

5. Giving up your dreams

Whether it’s going to, college, having kids or running a career, a man should never ask you to give up your dreams for him. You should be able to work together, so that you can pursue your dreams and share them together.

4. Having unprotected physical intimacy

Unless you are truly in a long-term relationship, a s3xual relationship without “protection” is a categorical not. And a man should never force you to do it.

3.Change of Religion or Belief

No one has to force his partner to abandon his religion for another, everyone is free to adhere to the religion that suits him. But if you think his arguments convinced you, then you are free to follow him. But you must be free in your choices.

2. Perform an abortion

An unexpected pregnancy may occur in your couple. Once detected, it is an obligation for the man to assume his responsibilities. He should never, and in any case, tell the woman to perform an abortion.

It is a very emotional decision that only the woman can make and then the man should be there to support her, and advise her, especially in relation to her decisions.

1. Make you pass for the one you are not

You are what you are, you should be proud of this, and it should love you as you are. A man should not ask you to be what he wants you to be, because if you do, you will not be happy, because you will always pretend to be the one you are not. Choose to remain true, and tell him to love you as you are, otherwise you have several men out.


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