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African Ladies, Don’t Marry Your Man If You See These Terrible Signs!!

Pastor E.A. Adeboye says: if she does not pray for an hour or he has no job, don’t marry them!

Picking your partner for marriage is a paramount decision. Being unequally yoked can break down your anointing, ministry, career or even life. Learn what the famous Nigerian pastor tells to do to make a wise choice.

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Pastor Adeboye believes God provides us with a set of criteria to make a smart choice. We are not left in the darkness to guess and go blindfold. So, ladies, why should not you marry a man, even if you are madly in love with him?

Ask him if he has a job! Yes, it’s so unromantic, but romance passes by fast and what you are left with is sheer pragmatism. When God created Adam, He first gave him a job – to work on the land and name all the animals, and only then he gave him the woman.

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If the man says “I love you”, but has no job, do not marry him. Instead of providing for you, he shall live off you. No matter how much you like the guy, you won’t be happy with him. And if he says he has a job, find out more about it and check if it is true.


Now, men, why you should not marry a lady, even if you love her so much? Few reasons are worth taking into consideration. First of all, try her and see, if she can pray for an hour. What does this have to do with love and marriage?

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Most things in our lives come through prayer, if she cannot do it, she would not make you a good wife. Secondly, see, if she can cook well. That’s an excellent quality you want in your wife to have a happy life with her! And, guys, if you have no job, do not offer any lady to marry you, because you are not a great match yet.

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Watch the video and hear it all from this famous preacher!

It seems we all need to work on something to become worthy of the gift of companionship and marriage!


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