African Ladies Beware! Warning Signs of heart Attack in Ladies

Heart attacks are lethal and shockingly they show distinctive side effects in men and ladies.
With ladies the side effects are normally less noticeable and practically ‘missable’. Here are some of them:

1. Stomach Discomfort

Stomach unease is an indication of heart attack regular in ladies. It presents itself in type of extreme abdominal pressure.
2. Neck/Jaw/Back Pain

Jaw, neck and back pains are to be paid special attention to in ladies. Back and neck pains come all of a sudden with no type of physical movement and now and again pain can be recorded around the lower left half of the jaw

3. Shortness Of Breath


Unexplained shortness of breath is a sign particularly when it (shortness of breath) deteriorates when resting and improves only when one gets up. Once in a while it’s joined by nausea and sweating

4. Chest Pain
Chest pain is a marker of an onset of heart attack in ladies. It comes exceptionally awkward and commonly as a feeling of snugness around the chest and for some situation troublesome breathing anyplace around the chest and not the left side as prevalent in men.

5. Light headedness

A constant feeling of light headedness and dizziness is generally a pointer to heart attack in the closest future.

6. Weariness

Weariness is a tremendous pointer of the onset of a heart attack. Unexplained weariness, getting too much drained after little chores or activities and so forth are signs to pay special mind to.


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