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African Ladies, Here Are 7 Natural Hair Must-Haves When Transitioning

Everyone and their mothers seem to be going natural these days and that’s really great!

If you’re planning on joining the naturalistas’ bandwagon, if you didn’t already know, it’s not as easy as it seems!

Here are the basic must-have items that everyone transitioning into a naturalista needs:

1. Coconut oil

This will prevent your hair from drying and helps in achieving curls when doing twist outs.

coconut oil for the hair



2. Bobby pins

You will need bobby pins to help you style your natural hair.

bobby pins fro natural hair



3. Leave in conditioner

To soften your hair, making it easy to comb out and it also moisturizes the hair.

leave in conditioner for natural hair



4. Elastic hair bands

To achieve all the different natural hairstyles out there!

Images by: 360 Nobs

Images by: 360 Nobs


5. Satin scarf

To make your hair appear smooth and wavy, especially when you’re going for a bun look. Simply moisturize your hair, tie a satin scarf and leave it on for about 20 minutes.

satin scarf for



6. Styling gel

Naturalistas use a little bit of styling gel on the hair edges just to make sure that the edges look neat.

styling gel for natural hair



7. Afro comb

And also a hair brush!



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