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African Immigrants Are The Most Educated Students In The USA – New Research Indicates!!

Could this be part of the reasons why POTUS wants some African immigrants out of the US?. According to a very serious study carried out by the journal of Black in higher education, African immigrants are the most numerous immigrants to possess a university degree.

With over 48% of graduates, African immigrants and their children is the most educated population in the United States.

They are a little more numerous than those who are traditionally known to be big hustlers, Asians.

They are almost twice as numerous as the Caucasians, and almost four times as numerous as the American blacks.


In 1997, 19.4% of African immigrants had a university degree. Today they are over 86%.

It’s a shame that this kind of information is never said in the mainstream media.

I am not even surprised by these figures and this information, because we are most likely in a similar case in France.

There are many African immigrants who succeed very well, but the mass media focus only on the few who choose a darker path.

In any case at we are proud to share this kind of info that deserves to be more exposed.


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