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African Finest, Samuel Eto’o Admits His Daughter Annie After A “DNA test”

According to Spanish hairdresser Anna Barranca, the blood of Samuel Eto’o proved he is the father of the little Annie. The ex-girlfriend of Samuel Eto’o justifies the motivation of its jeopardizes that his daughter Annie kept asking where was his father. She decided that justice will help constrain the child’s father to recognize his daughter. ” It is a great relief for me and my daughter but certainly for him (Eto’o), too, have recognized his daughter. ” says Anna Barranca.



There are few months, the former FC Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o son was a victim of a threat of legal action by Anna Barranca, one of his former girlfriends. The latter had threatened the Cameroonian marksman to force him to take responsibility before the court if he refused to recognize his daughter, who is none other than the little Annie currently 14 years old.

After being advised by his lawyer to conduct a DNA test, Samuel Eto’o has agreed to follow the orientation of the man of law. The result of the test was positive. Samuel Eto’o is indeed the biological father of little Annie, reports the times24 site.

Source: News Cameroon



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