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African Finest Footballer, Yaya Touré: ‘I was the most hated person In Cote d’Ivoire’

Yaya Touré, Manchester City striker, told a Western media recently. The younger brother of Kolo Touré returned to his difficulties with the Ivorian selection where he was the captain and champion of Africa at CAN 2015.
On the subject of his international retirement, Yaya Touré remains firm, no question to reverse his decision. The one who has been nominated four times as the best player in Africa, learns that he has been “the unloved child of his country” . It was mainly this reason that moved him away from the Ivory Coast team. “To be honest, I was saddened by what is happening with my country. Sometimes you are not the king in your country, but you are a king outside. I think that the way I was treated, I experienced it as if I was the most hated person in this country, because they always invent problems with my big brothers and always create problems between the Players “  explains the star without tongue.


(…) Sometimes when things went wrong, they said it was me responsible …

The brother of Kolo Touré goes further, he says he was the scapegoat in case of defeat  “It was incredible. We fought for how many years to win the trophy? Losing in the final twice, and sometimes when things went wrong, they said it was me, the main player that made them lose all the time, and I was very, very disappointed, “ he said .

To show that he really lived through difficult times, the player compares his situation with that of Cristiano Ronaldo. “Cristiano Ronaldo, has never known that in his country. I think that with Samuel Eto’o it was going well, he was very beloved in his country. Me, it was worse. Everything that happened on this national team was imputed to me. It made me sad, I felt, I was the most hated person. I tried to show them that I love the country despite everything I’ve experienced. I promised my wife and family and friends to bring them a trophy [CAN] and I left, “ said Yaya Touré at the KweséESPN microphone

It should be noted that several fans did not hesitate to put in opposition, or to compare Yaya Touré and his teammate Didier Drogba, which undoubtedly ended up causing uneasiness within the team.


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