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African Dictator: Angola Prepares For Life After Almost 40 Years Under President Dos Santos


Following a 4 decades ruling of the nation with one man yielding absolute power, it is difficult for most Angolans to envision a life without him.

Luaty Beirao knows the story of the Angolan Jose Eduardo dos Santos all too well. In 2015, Beirao and 16 others were arrested for “Acts of Rebellion” after attending a book club meeting where they discussed Gene Sharp’s From Dictatorship to Democracy, a book about non-violent resistance to repressive regimes.

After a lengthy trial, the 17 Angolans were sentenced to between two and eight years in prison. They were then pardoned in September 2016 but not before they had experienced the horrors at dos Santos’ hands. Naturally, Beirao said he was satisfied to see the man who has led Angola for almost four decades leave office.



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