Why African Countries Should Adopt Strategies To Ensure The Continent Remain Digitally Relevant In 2025

Wayne Houghton has called on African countries to adopt strategies to ensure the continent remained digitally relevant in the next decade.

Wayne Houghton, made the recommendation following projections By 2025, jobs which were common place in 2015 will no longer exist.

He projected further students graduating in 2016, would have obsolete qualifications for which there would no longer be a profession by 2025.

Houghton projected for example, front-line military personnel would be replaced with robots while private bankers and wealth managers would be replaced with algorithms.

Telemarketers, data entry capturers, tax preparers, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, statisticians and consulting engineers will be replaced with Artificial Intelligence (AI).


“The Digital workforce will be largely millennial, and significantly different from today in terms of culture, leadership style and skills,” said Houghton, Director of Growth Implementation Solutions, Frost & Sullivan Africa, the consulting firm.

He said AI, robots and digital algorithms would automate many professions, but jobs requiring uniquely human characteristics – or were critical to the development of digital solutions – would be in great demand by 2025.

“A holistic digital transformation strategy, which considers the Digital workforce along with the business model, process and customer channel dimensions, will be imperative for organisations wishing to remain relevant in the next ten years,” said.

Source: Caj News Africa


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