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Could This Be The African Continent New Flagship Technology ??

Sub-Saharan Africa attracts investors in venture capital for its technologies. It seems that the continent knows a technology boom turning entrepreneurs technological centers in Europe and the United States. Experts are convinced that Africa could be the new flagship continent of technology.

USA Today reveals that sub-Saharan Africa today has 200 innovation centers “? Teaching the code, organize contests around the applications and make a center of an emerging culture of technology?”. Recently, the region has seen the creation of many startups and new IPOs. Approximately 300 to 400 million dollars have been invested in online business startups this year. Some experts estimate that as a billion dollars enter the venture capital area in the coming two years.



Many entrepreneurs behind this new technological subculture studied and worked elsewhere before returning to the country. The example of Paga payments, FinTech a Nigerian company, is an example. It was founded by the Nigerian entrepreneur Tayo Oviosu graduated from Stanford Business School. His company has reached a billion in transactions processed and could become the African PayPal.

Technology plays a key role in the development of Africa. Technological movement in Africa originated in Kenya.

Agriculture is the main economic sector in Africa. A growing number of applications for African farmers are emerging.

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