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‘African Citizens Must Stop Voting for Old Aged Men Above 70yrs Into Leadership’ – Kofi Annan

An ex UN secretary general Kofi Annan has disclosed that the present poor province of Africa is basically because of old aged men in power The peace keeping symbol made this amusing comment at the just finished world changers to summit which took place in Namibia.

Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan spoke with the media at the United Nations Office at Geneva following the June 30, 2012 Meeting of the Action Group for Syria.

Africa has great values to depend upon, Africa could be independent, but we have too many old men at the presidency, some are above 70yrs, and what do you expect them to do?”.
This shocking view was made to inspire Africans to choose a more younger and better men and women into power rather than old men. Ghana is a typical example where the peace maker hails from. check the list below to see the number of African leaders Kofi Annan is talking about.

‘African politicians must learn to retire at a minimum age of 70yrs, but rather we have packed old men in our leadership, how could we move forward.

Some are even above 80yrs and still ruling’: Kofi Annan


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  1. Kofi Annah may have a dementia.Why he did not refuse the Secretary General job. He was old at that time when I met him at the UN as a student doing my internship. How many Americans that are old serving their country as senetors, represetatives governor, even Trump. Pls tell Trump that he is old and shoud stop leading his people.He is not in power so he now has a good idea. Shame on you .

  2. This is a false argument. Whether they are 70, 80, 30 or 40 years of age is not fundamental. Age is not a class or scientific indicator of consciousness. Essential for Africa and Humanity is how democratic representatives apply ideology/culture into PRACTICE. Africans must be organized into a mass permanent revolutionary Party to totally liberate and unify Africa with scientific socialism and in coordination with anti-imperialist forces in the world. This should include all, from the cradle to the grave. As Amilcar Cabral taught us, only when we free the modes of production without imperialist domination, will we control History, Culture and Ideology.
    We would prefer a faithful representative in her 70s to a ungrateful traitor in his 30s.

  3. Pathetic comment from this coon, I am not surprised when he is working for the white elites at UN. He should be saying that to these old fart western leaders in Europe and America where leaders are aged 70-80 years old. Age does not determine democracy, good governance. It’s about leadership, plain and simple with a African mind, culture that fits for the citizens and the civil society with strong independent African political and economic institutions that Africa will have to rebuild, so African can finally have that where the public can have a credible government where it can held the government and the leaders accountable without bloody imperialists invading and forcing with their agenda for their interests that it’s not on the interests of the African people.

  4. There could have been great change in Africa and the age is not the big problem we face in Africa but rather the leader the get to the leadership position due to gain of riches of the country they pretend to be leading ,if we had true leader they would be aiming at improvement at various sectors be it roads , schools ,hospital but to mention afew.May God have mercy on Africa

  5. He is right because the leaders thing od how to dill their own stomach but not of their own citizens and if we involve the young stars they will bringchanges because they are still have the ideas that can take us to next level we need brooms that are able to sweep the room well due to fact that they are still sharp in mind and the ideas

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