African Christianity: How Did It Start, How Did It Spread?

Christianity appreciates across the board fame in Africa especially in the countries arranged in the Southeast, Southern, and Central areas of the mainland.

The religion is likewise present in a few countries in the Northeast and furthermore the Western district. The World Book Encyclopedia has stipulated that Christians constitute 80% of Africa’s populace in 2002.

Introduction Of Christianity To Africa

Christianity discovered its roots in Sudan in the first century  and the area’s Nubian places of worship had connections to those in Egypt. The religion additionally developed in northwestern Africa where the places of worship joined up with the Church of Rome. The Church in Alexandria developed rapidly in the third century

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Ruler Ezana of the Ethiopian/Eritrean Kingdom of Aksum gave Christianity official status and encouraged the foundation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Be that as it may, Christianity in the greater part of the regions of North Africa was wiped out with the coming of Islam.

The Evangelical Revival, in the late 18th century, started sending missionaries to Africa. The positive intentions of Christianity were however overshadowed by the ills of the slave trade and commercial exploitation.


These evils were fought by champions like Henry Venn and Thomas Fowell. Venn sought to develop an African Church by urging missionaries to move on after the seeds had been sown and leaving the native leaders to develop their church. African Christianity thus blossomed from the seeds planted by western Missionaries, and it developed its cultural identity.

Reformers in the missionary churches, as well as independent church leaders, agitated for changes in the institutionalized church. This agitation resulted in both reforms and the sprouting of “African Initiated Churches.” The oldest of these churches is the Tewahedo which enjoys a membership of around 45 to 50 million people.

There has been an eminent development in the number of Christians dwelling in Africa while then again recognition of traditional African religions has been on a decrease.
In 1900, nine million Christians lived in Africa contrasted with the 380 million of every 2000. The current development of the religion in Africa is basically credited to African Evangelism.
Nigeria has especially seen quick development in Christianity with various African-Christian groups set up the country over. Numerous Messianic and syncretistic segments have additionally been framed over the mainland including the Nigerian Aladura houses of worship and the Nazareth Baptist Church arranged in South Africa.

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