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African Celebrities Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery buzz in the global entertainment industry is quickly catching up with African celebrities who opt to go under the knife in hopes of enhancing their looks. Although this cosmetic procedure has worked for some, it has left irreparable side effects on others. Here are five African celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery.


Nomasonto Maswanganyi alias Mshoza is a South African musician and socialite who has publicly admitted to undergoing several plastic surgery procedures in a quest to look like US-based female rapper Nicki Minaj. Her latest cosmetic surgery was aired on MTV Base. Mshoza is rumored to have undergone breast augmentation, nose job, dimple chin, skin lightening, and lip enhancement.


Uyanda Mbuli is a celebrated South African actress and socialite who featured in the SABC1 drama series “Tshisa” as Nomonde. She is rumored to have undergone a nose job, which was heavily criticized by the American king of plastic surgery and TV show host Robert Rey. Allegedly, he told her to be careful when turning on her bed so that her nose does not break on the pillow.



Braimah Kamoko alias Bukom Banku, the undefeated Ghanaian boxer, is not ashamed to admit that he underwent a skin lightening procedure. It is reported that he recently told a local TV station that he wants to be red. “I don’t need any black in my life! Master, I want you to make red so that you see that I make fine,” Banku allegedly said. He is also reported to have linked his skin bleaching to a desire for foreign service in Germany.


South African actress Khanyi Mbau before and after she underwent plastic surgery. Sowetan Live

Khanyi Mbau (South African)

Khanyi is a popular South African actress and TV host. She does not deny claims that she has had a couple of plastic surgery procedures including skin lightening, nose job, and laser liposuction. Asked by the Sowetan Live how much she spent on her cosmetic surgery, Khanyi said: “Look, I have had a few procedures so I have spent quite a large sum of money on beauty.”


Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Vera Sidika is a popular socialite, video vixen, and now an actress. She shocked many Kenyans in 2014 when she announced that her skin bleaching procedure cost more than 15 million Kenyan shillings. Speaking on NTV after the surgery, Vera said her body is her business. Rumor has it that she has had breast and butt implants as well.


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  1. They are not biracial therefore the look doesn’t suit them, what many of them simply don’t understand is just how mixed ancestry works. Now I admit Nicky may have originally been a lighter shade of coco-brown with some island ancestry from what I have heard but to have to undergo skin lightening sessions has shown that even she lacked the ability to boast that look naturally. Most women with mixed ancestry don’t need make-up or skin lightening but brown skinned women that are natural are that way for a reason often they take after their parents and that’s nothing to be ashamed of unless their implying that they feel that their parents were naturally ugly and that’s absurd. Somewhere along the lines there has been mixed ancestry the lighter the skin becomes and yes Africans have been interbreeding for awhile now also so the purity of their blood is dwindling and has been but they have worked harder than most to preserve their people’s purity though I wonder for how long as now all we seem to hear is how they envy white skin and white hair. Now some Africans are naturally brown and light skin with no mix but I was also told that was becoming rare as some will even ask for childhood photographs to confirm that you are truly that way and that you haven’t altered yourself a shame that people of color can no longer trust one another to be truthful about their complexion now there are some among Nigerians I am told that was naturally light with no mix but mostly they are a dark to dark brown complected people and now why so many want their people to resemble what they’ve never been to me is self hatred now African women want to me to have taken on the look of European women with their noses their lips their hair and you know something had these European women had never been able to grow asses breast only then to me the African women wouldn’t want hers either. Well although it’s sad all I can do is represent for the rest of us that are truly happy as we are I can no longer concern myself with the damage that people insist on inflicting on their selves just so long as they don’t spread their self hatred along to my kids I have girls and I am working hard to preserve them as they are and if these women can keep their self hatred to their self then fine but most want attention after the money they’ve spent so we shall see and I will support Africa in preserving what is left of young African girls staying as they are I hear they want to ban bleach all together…well Africa what are you waiting for !

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