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African Beauty, This Ephemeral Illusion!

What is beauty? When we say someone is handsome or beautiful?

I recently shared this photo on my Facebook profile, and I had weird remarks (which I gladly spare you). This is the Haitian model Suffering Ralph. It was revealed to the world by Kanye West; it embodies a singularity and original beauty that enabled him to get a place in the ultra competitive world of international fashion. No I will not tell you his life … It is beautiful the guy!

The “like him,” we all know, we rub shoulders every day without seeing them ???? . At best ignored, sometimes we make fun of them, the worst is the chases.

What then is beauty?

That day, facing the “weird” comments on Facebook, I wondered what beauty? What beauty in a world of cosmetic surgery, implants and additions reign supreme? What beauty in a world where having simple buttons on the face (was it they make you a hormonal) has become a crime?

What beauty in a world where the beads have is supposed to be synonymous with complex and moral torture (like, no, but you’re big, you can not play sports?). How do I know which is beautiful (or beautiful) when making contouring is easier than going out without makeup?

How to be handsome or beautiful without the fuss, when the mere fact of wearing her hair natural has become another form of claim (no I’m not nappy and I saw good)!

What beauty when our mums make-up girls of 4, 5 years with a lot of blush, mascara, foundation, cheek fars as if the baby’s face was a Picasso painting? (To think that an entire industry has made it his business). All because we do not want to accept as it is, and because we will not accept others as they are!


What happened to the beauty in a world where being black can spell taunts and derogatory remarks?

No, but what have we done? What are we doing? While outside, there are many more pub for lightening and strippers?


It is where the beauty of the black woman? It is where our beauty? The beauty, the real is not measured. No it does not explain … As long as you feel beautiful is that you are …

The media has so brutalized our minds with standard out of context, now that we refuse to see that it is our little differences, our small defects that do all our charm.

In fact no one has anything to us, we just helped the world make us without identity clones.

Yes, because to be beautiful (or handsome), it is decided …. and once we decided no one can convince us otherwise. White, Black, red, yellow … whatever the color of our skin, it should not count! Beauty is not in fashion magazines, beauty is not on parade catwalks. The beauty is not on large signs in town!

The real beauty is that we can not calculate is that which accompanies you all the time. It’s the one with or without artifice does not leave you and will not let you!

The beauty does not disappear with age. It is in you, it is wild and mysterious, permanent. It is subjective … it is in the eyes of who wants to see. Beauty is rebellious, it has no rules.


Yet I feel we as women are the turkey stuffing …
And that’s why we are much more concerned about the “look” instead of being!

Photos/Source:: Elvis DRAVO ; Darios TOSSOU ; Yanick FOLLY,  Modernetchic

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