When African Americans Imagine (more or less) Seriously Their “Blaxit”

And if black Americans leaving America? That may sound like a joke. But at a time when the prospect that Donald Trump is elected President of the United States in November, where the Black Lives Matter movement is still relevant, the temptation exists. It even has a name: “blaxit”, modeled on the “brexit” the UK out of the EU. Launched on The Salt Collective, the word is fashionable on Twitter among African-Americans, especially after following the convention of the Republican party in Cleveland.



Ivanka: “My father is color blind and gender neutral.”

* Starts packing for my #blaxit *. #RNCinCLE

– Antwaun Sargent (@Sirsargent)


July 22, 2016

“Ivanka [Trump, daughter of Donald]:” My father respects all colors and all kinds. ”
* Preparing for my blaxit *.”

The idea also arose in a context of particularly recurrent police violence. The most recent example is Charles Kinsey, a teacher of 47 years who was shot by police in Miami while he was down. The man tried to bring one of his patients, autistic, and had tried several taken to explain the problem to the police.



WATCH: HAS unarmed man hands in the air before N. Miami Police shoot _him_. He Was helping autistic patient @wsvn

– Brian Entin (@BrianEntin)


July 20, 2016

A year of paperwork to get out

But is it that easy to leave the United States? The journalist Dayvee Sutton is not so certain.“The truth is that every presidential election, Americans are threatening to leave the country, and in fact no one does” , she wrote on The root . Either because they no longer want or because it takes at least a year of paperwork to finally weigh anchor. The journalist recalled that barely one in two Americans (46%) have a valid passport.



Where to go, this is the second issue raised Dayvee Sutton. Make a “return” to Africa sounds complicated, because nobody really knows what country to go. “Places like Oslo, Norway, Paris or Rio de Janeiro are fun and also offers better quality of life for Americans color , she says. But these destinations are expensive! “


Private American jazz and chocolate?

Dayvee Sutton therefore recommends countries that have already developed a network of expatriates, and where life is cheaper, such as South America. But in any case, it will provide a criminal record of the FBI, and the process could take four to six weeks and a rather high amount of money (between 750 and 1,000 dollars). “So if you plan to leave US if Trump presidential election, just note that you’ll have to endure still at least a year on national soil “ , warns Dayvee Sutton.


But if some are already preparing their suitcases, mostly African-American Internet users, the Blaxit is the opportunity to recall with humor the contribution of black culture in the US, and what would happen if the countries was private. More cotton, rap, coffee or even voice of Morgan Freeman, blacks take with them in their new country, called “Blacklandia”, “Republic of Black” or “Council of Onyx People”.




Late goal I would like to add That we will take back James Earl Jones as Darth Vader voice. Y’all gon-have to dub that shit. #BLAXIT

– Meredith (@QueenOfSangria)


July 17, 2016

“I just wanted to add that we will resume the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. You will have to redo all the dubbing.”

Source: Slate Africa


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