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African-Americans, Americans Are Now Googling ‘How Do I Emigrate?’ – Google Stat Shows and Here’s Why!!

There’s been a significant spike in the search traffic on Google for “emigrate” and “how to emigrate” by Americans and African-Americans.

As Donald Trump, Republican party candidate in the U.S. presidential elections, maintains a comfortable lead in the ongoing presidential election, the rate of searches on these topics keep surging.

Trump has already defeated Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party in key battleground states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

According to Google search trends, frantic Americans are searching for information on how to emigrate after early projections suggest Trump may ultimately win.

Internet surfers from around the world have also began searching for “end of the world” when it became apparent that Trump had taken victory in the key swing states.

The Republicans have also taken the U.S. house of representatives, having won more than the required 218 majority votes.


Although votes are still being counted, this effectively means that Republicans will continue their six-year control of the house of representatives.

Major television networks have also projected that the Republicans would defend their senate majority from the Democratic challengers.

The results have seen the U.S. dollar plunge, while the stock markets are presently in a chaotic state, owing to the massive selling of shares.

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