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African-American Reverend: ‘Jesus Is ‘Working Through’ Trump To Clean Up Gangs, Drugs’!!

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson claims that no liberal president in the last 60 years has hoped to tidy up savagery and drugs in black communities, while on the other hand, President Donald Trump is doing quite recently that.

According to Peterson, Jesus is “working through President Trump to get it done.”

“I noticed that, over the last 50 to 60 years, there have been black people in positions of power where they could have helped the black community and black people in a positive way and they did not,” he said on his radio program. “You have the Black Caucus, you have the NAACP, you have black preachers, Jesse Jackson, all of them.”


“Then you have President Obama, a black man – half-white, half-black, but he went with his blackness – and he had the power of the United States behind him,” he added. “Yet he didn’t go into those communities and clean out the gang violence and the drugs and the crime that’s going on there.”

“So along comes President Trump and that’s on his list, his bucket list – to clean up the black community so that they too can live,” Peterson continued. “The point was, most black people hate white folks, and yet it’s the whites, such as President Trump who are going to save them from themselves.”

“Jesus is not like coming down here and doing it himself. He’s working through President Trump to get it done. And I think that it’s interesting in over the last 60 years there has not been one black man that He’s worked through to get it done.”


Written by How Africa

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