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African-American Mother Viciously Attacked While Defending Daughter From Bullies (Watch Video)

In a video making the rounds online, a mother can be seen getting attacked by a group of teenage girls after trying to rescue her daughter from the bullies.

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The mother, who is wearing a white shirt, steps in when a group of girls is bullying her daughter, who is wearing a pink shirt and looks terrified in the video. “Don’t take it out on her, she’s a child,” the mother tells the group of girls as her daughter starts to cry while the girls surround the two of them.

“I’m about to hit her and I don’t give a f*** who she’s with,” one of the girls shouts before shoving the mother, who appeals to some nearby men to help.

However, none of the men intervene, and the mother turns back to the group, getting in a few good shots before she is surrounded and beaten down, eventually fleeing into a nearby store with her shirt torn. The entire time, the store owner and the men nearby are simply filming the encounter.

The video has brought down widespread condemnation on the bystanders for not stepping in to help and focusing on filming the situation rather than intervening.


Written by How Africa

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