African-American Leader Compares Jews to Harmful Insects, Twitter Does Not Remove The Publication

Louis Farrakhan, the supremacist Afro-American leader of the Nation of Islam organization, customary slippage, compared Jews to harmful insects in a speech. Despite the outcry, Twitter has not removed the publication.

African-American leader compares Jews to termites, Twitter does not remove the publication© Mark Wilson / Getty images Source: AFP Louis Farrakhan in November 2017 in Washington.

The African-American leader Louis Farrakhan, leader of the religious and supremacist organization Nation of Islam, compared the Jews to termites in a speech on 14 October. Despite the outcry triggered by these racist remarks, Twitter did not remove the disputed publication, arguing that its charter had not yet come into force.


The 85-year-old Nation of Islam leader delivered a speech at a rally celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Million Man March on October 14 in Detroit. Very enlightened, he embarked on a diatribe against Jewish circles that would be hostile to an audience gained. “To those in the Jewish community who do not like me, thank you for spreading my name around the world. Because of your fear of what we represent, I can go anywhere on the planet and talk about Farrakhan, “he vituperated.


They say that I am anti-Semitic. But stop it! I am anti-termite!

In a stance reminiscent of the stand-up codes, the religious leader staged: “When they talk about Farrakhan … They say I’m hateful, you know what they do, they say I’m antisemitic. But stop it! I’m anti-termite! “He said, hilarious, visibly pleased with his wordplay. “I do not know anything about the hatred of others related to religious preferences,” he added.

This dubious protrusion immediately triggered a controversy, reacting to Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton, who judged on Twitter that “comparing Jews to termites [is] anti-Semitic, bad and dangerous” . 



Surprisingly, Twitter, the network on which the video was relayed, did not delete the disputed publication. The reason given by the Buzzfeed network is that its charter on “dehumanizing words” … has not yet come into force. In September 2018, Twitter had yet posted on his blog a post evoking the new measures concerning hate speech. The network was aimed at “dehumanizing language,” which “treats people as inferior to humans […] by denying them human qualities (animal dehumanization)”. “Examples may include comparing human groups to animals or viruses,” the publication explained. 

The severity of Twitter with variable geometry

Twitter had in July punished the supremacist leader Louis Farrakhan by removing the blue badge of his Twitter account. The self-proclaimed minister had at the time published a text evoking “the Satanic Jews and the synagogue of Satan”.

The network is customary with its users with clear political positions, practicing for example the shadow ban , or the blocking of the search engine for some accounts. On September 7, he permanently suspended the accounts of Alex Jones , known for his show InfoWars, deemed conspiracy and extreme right. But as long as its new charter options are not implemented, double standards will continue to dominate Twitter …


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