Africa Will Face A Deficit Of 50 Million Jobs By 2040 – New Research!!

New research from the Tony Blair Institute revealed that part of Africa could experience a massive unemployment crisis by 2050.

The report forecasts a deficit of 50 million jobs, which should serve as a “wake-up call” for governments in most of the continent, as well as donors and international agencies.

The active population in sub-Saharan Africa will be 823 million in 2040, for 773 million jobs expected

According to the Tony Blair Institute’s analysis of global change, based on global banking data, the labor force in sub-Saharan Africa will be 823 million in 2040 compared to 395 million in 2015. However, the total number of jobs Is expected for 773 million, the report said, which also states that 50 million people in Africa will be unemployed.


The report found that countries with high economic potential, such as Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, were failing to transform and grow.

Governments in listed countries were advised to pursue inclusive growth strategies to increase their growth.

The report also highlighted the progress made by Botswana, Ethiopia and Mauritius, which he said was appropriate, having made significant progress over the past decades, due to the involvement of Stakeholders, and development partners.

The study further states that Mauritius spent 10 years concentrating on textiles after spending 10 years in tourism, while Ethiopia and Botswana focused on agriculture and Services, respectively, for 20 years.

The three countries have managed to improve with the performance they have achieved so far.

The report presents four elements and a “roadmap” for governments and development partners. This “roadmap” focuses on a modernized version of industrial policy.


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