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Africa (Video FR): Thomas Sankara “The Food Aid Thwarts Development of our Agriculture”!!



“It is normal for one that gives you room dictates his will. When you eat grains of millet, imported maize and rice, that’s imperialism, do not go further.”

“We are against the principle of food aid. We accept that we are facing in spite of us. For now and to avoid, in a simplistic way, our enemies bring our people the claim against us saying that pride hurt instead leads us to reject this food aid, we, the people of the cities, the government, the better off. What we refuse this aid to starve our people.

If we had more opportunity to explain, we would show that food aid helps to create in us a recipient mentality, create a speculative circuits among our producers, shorting has our stores grain marketing structures being engorges aid. A cause even indirectly enrichment of traders, intermediaries. We are against food aid, but we have never said and we will never be against using agricultural equipment we call all our wishes. Today we are prepared to deny hundred thousand tons of grain to accept a plow.


Our development begins with the control of water and the creation of a food industry can absorb and store agricultural products. How fast? A ours. We prefer small units halfway between industry and crafts. We prefer “teufs-teufs” electronic machines. We are not opposed to private enterprise that does not affect our honor, our dignity, our sovereignty.

We have the manpower and it can be tempting for international companies to come settle in Burkina Faso a few processing industries or branches of their industries. And we can tell, the statistical point of view, we have a big industry but in reality it will be an industry controlled by foreign powers and external capitalist forces in Burkina. What we want to do by cons is intensifying agriculture including the training effect will be generating an internal development endogenous. For example, conservation and transformation of tomato involve making cold rooms, so artificial cold production, as well as the manufacture of boxes and packaging on site, etc. All this would give birth here in a certain industry. This is why we do not want big projects luxe.Nous are very wary about it.

We refused loans from the World Bank to power projects that we have not chosen … We told the IMF what you ask us, we have already done. We reduced wages the economy, you have nothing to teach us. Now, every time we talked to the IMF, we had to always provide new pledges. It appeared that he seeks us goes far beyond a management control and that what it is is something other than political control. “


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