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Africa Has Two Faces. This Is The Beautiful One!!!

Many a time Africa is shown in its poverty, recession, hunger and AIDs. However, these photos are so beautiful and inspiring. Is this the Africa you know?

11 most charming spots of Africa:

1. Sossusvlei  

This special place is located in Namibia. It used to be a lake, but it dried off. The colors and trees are striking. They look like a masterpiece of a famous artist.

2. Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe is the home of this wonder. These tremendous falls are over 100 meters high. The sight and the sound of them impress your soul.

3. Pyramids of Giza

If you visit Egypt, it’s a must see sight there. No one know how exactly these pyramids were created, but they are awesome!

4. Djenne

In Mali, visit this place and you won’t regret it. The ancient walls were erected in the 3rd century. The great mosque was built in the beginning of the 20th century. It’s a sheer impersonation of history.

5. Table Mountain

This one is found in South Africa near the Capetown.  It has a flat top and that’s where it’s name comes from.


6. Zanzibar Archipelago

It looks like a idyllic place to rest or live. It has it all – the blue waters and golden beaches. You can find the paradise in Tanzania.

7. Serengeti National Park

Two countries share it: Kenya and Tanzania. The life is vibrant here and you can meet many African animals and see them in the wild.

8. Lake Malawi

The sight you see there comes from some awesome dream. The clear waters are full of life. You can meet any animal there in Malawi.

9. Gondar

This fortress was built many centuries ago in Ethiopia. The ancient place is like a frozen history, reflected in the clear waters of the river.

10. Rwenzoni Mountains

Visit Uganda to see these amazing tops covered with snow. It’s something you do not expect to find in the heat of Africa.

11. Dunes of Sahara

It’s a sea of sand and sun, found in Algeria and Morocco. The sight is deadly, but spectacular.All these amazing spots are found in Africa and prove: this continent has a beauty both Europe and America can only envy!


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