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Africa: Top 10 Best Universities In The Continent For 2017 Revealed.

The International Colleges and Universities website, which specializes in the web rankings of colleges and universities around the world, has listed 200 best universities in Africa. Here is the content of this ranking.


Highlights of the ranking

Anglophone universities largely dominate this ranking. The first French-speaking university is Cheick Anta Diop, which comes in 24 th position.

We can cite, among others, the few French-speaking universities in the rankings. These are the University of Yaounde (96 th Place), the University of Lomé (109 th spot), the University of Ouagadougou (130 th Place), University of Abomey Calavi (145 th place) and finally INPHB from Ivory Coast (189th position).




The organization of this ranking is based on the data of the websites of the faculties. Indeed, they take into account the ability of these universities to improve their visibility on the international scene. Clearly, the website of a university is its showcase, according to the authors of the ranking.


So the 10 best universities in Africa are:


1_ The University of Cape Town in South Africa

2_University of South Africa

3_University of Pretoria

4_University of Witwatersrand

5_Universiteit Stellenbosch

6_University of KwaZulu-Natal

7_The University of Johannesburg

8_University of Nairobi

9_The American University of Cairo in Egypt

10_University of Western Cape.


Rank Interpretations

This ranking shows that Francophone schools are lagging behind and do not have good visibility internationally. However the author of the site affirms that << the goal of the site is to provide an approximate classification and not academic >>.

So this does not in any way, in question the quality of academic teaching in some faculties.

The other Universities are just in lack of popularity, so it is the responsibility of those responsible for these universities to give a good visibility of their faculties at the international level.


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