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Africa, The Cradle of Mankind: 7 Maps That Will Convince You Africa is Where to Invest Right Now

Africa the cradle of mankind

I am happy most people will know by now that Africa is not a country but a continent made up of 54 countries.

A number of people now believe Africa is undergoing an amazing transition for the better. And some African countries are growing economically faster than countries on other continents.

So the African story is one of hope and success. Africa is ready for business. The following maps  put the continent’s population, income, growth, and potential into context.

True Size of Africa


When you look at Africa on the world map, it doesn’t look that huge, right, well iI have news for you Africa is pretty big . The infographic above, created by Kai Krause uses some of the largest countries in the world and even all of Eastern Europe as puzzle pieces within the grand continent of Africa.

World Water Risk

africa maps


Water is life itself and I can not stress the importance of having good water resources. The redder the area, the more risk of water stress. North Africa and bits of the Southern tip must find ways to harness water. Aqueduct has done more work on risk, check them out.

Energy in the world

africa electricity


This is the map that tells us that Africa needs to light up, really. Is it not a good thing that we are not using too much energy unnecessarily.  This snapshot of the world at night, stitched together with photos from NASA, contrasts with the little access to electricity in Africa compared to the global north. How is the lack of adequate energy linked to Africa’s challenges in health, education and economic growth problems.


How the world would look if it were measured by its wealth, 2015

africamaps money


Africa would look l like a very thin sister, if the world was measured by wealth. thank God, that is all about to change. Africa is on the move and soon it will be as wealthy as the minerals it has in its belly and the enterprising people it has. Africa must and will grow.

Global internet usage

internet usage


Africa has only 7 percent of its inhabitants online, this map illustrates the digital divide in the world. The internet improves access to information, communication and spreading of ideas – and organizations need to make sure tobridge the gap. The good news is that Africa’s telecommunications market is one of the fastest in the world.

trees in countries


Where the World’s 7 Billion People live


The map from national geographic  shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities. Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita. as expected the areas with the highest income levels have greater life expectancy (77 for males, 83 for females compared to 58 and 60 in low income levels), access to improved sanitation (99 percent compared to 35 percent), among other human security factors. Africa has its work cut out in-order to start compete other continents.



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