AFRICA: Slavery on tour in Africa, Valls dismissed the idea of ​​financial remedies!!

In Le Monde, Manuel Valls, currently in Africa, called for “overcome the past” of slavery, dismissing the claims of financial compensation, while defending a “pacified memory” of the “horror” of trafficking trade.

Currently on tour in West Africa, Prime Minister Manuel Valls wrote an article in Le Monde entitled “You can not fix slavery but we can prepare for the future.”

In it, the head of government, who has to go on Sunday in Accra, Ghana, at the Franklin House, former home of trafficking, calls to “get rid of the past” of slavery, dismissing claims financial repair while defending a “pacified memory” of the “horror” and “disaster” of the slave trade.

An African Erasmus

“It is not so much to live in the idea of a repair – as said the great Martinican poet, descendant of slaves, Aimé Césaire, slavery is’ irreparable ‘- that look to tomorrow, it’ is to say, strengthening ties between our two continents, “said Manuel Valls.

“The slave trade was a large-scale disaster. This reality must be recalled, taught, hammered. Always remember the hell of twelve million men, women, children torn from the land of their ancestors cross the Atlantic in chains, reduced to cattle state of goods. How many atrocities, rape, murder! it is a crime against humanity “, as recognized since 2001 in France the Taubira law , said the Prime Minister.


In this forum, the Prime Minister advocates the creation of a Euro-African trade system on the model of “Erasmus”, rather than “reparations” claimed by some activists.

Manuel Valls, “the memory should not disunite.” “Instead, it must close the fractures and together, since we fled this terrible penchant for the memorial competition, hierarchy, the comparison between the suffering of some and the misfortunes of others,” he wrote.

Regretting the time it took to “recognize the reality of slavery”, the “silences” and “unspoken”, Manuel Valls, however, calls not to confuse the history of Africa and that of the slavery, “which is to often reduce it.” “I know that Africa has in it the strength to overcome this past,” the Prime Minister.

“Working out of his past, this is not absolve those who have committed crimes. It’s not forget (…) Working out of the past is to know the history and be proud of what is today (…) Working out of his past, but also look with enthusiasm to the future, “he insisted again.

President Francois Hollande had already spoken about it. On the occasion of a trip to the Caribbean in May 201 5, he had already dismissed the idea of hardware repairs. But the ambiguity in its wording, which seemed to say the opposite, had triggered a controversy.


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