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Africa!! Planning on Going For Hajj!! You Could Be Executed For Carrying This Ordinary Nut On Hajj

If you’re a Muslim looking forward to embark on the Hajj Pilgrimage, you might be wary of carrying “kola nuts” along on the trip.

The Ghana Hajj Board has come out to warn prospective pilgrims that they risk execution when they carry kola nuts after a circulation by the government of Saudi Arabia stated that pilgrims traveling to that country must do so without these nuts.

The Deputy Communications Director of the Hajj Board, Mohammed Amin Lamptey, thus warned all pilgrims to adhere strictly and ensure that they do not carry any banned product into the country.

“The Saudi government believes that a time has come for them to let out their arsenals to stamp out this issue of kola nuts that has been there for years. They have given some space for people to carry along kola nuts because basically we need to believe that some African countries are used to kola nuts, especially the aged who would always want to have kola nuts.”


Mr. Amin Lamptey, who was speaking on Accra-based Class FM said that the Saudi government plans on executing any pilgrim found carrying kola nuts saying “…it could lead you to losing your life.


Saudi Arabia prohibits kola nuts and other hard drugs they identify as harmful to their citizens.

I think they know the reasons why they are coming up with such restrictions and regulations because this year’s Hajj is very critical. … We know last year what happened and this year, even before the main hajj, there are issues of suicide bombing and all that so they are trying to put things in order to prevent any untold story,” Mr. Lamptey said.

Saudi Arabia prohibits kola nuts and other hard drugs they identify as harmful to their citizens.


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