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“Africa Loves Donald Trump, We Want You to Succeed”, the Words of a South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe (Video)

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe has sparked heated debate on the web after telling President Donald Trump that Africans love him.

“Africa loves America. Africa loves you… We want you to succeed, ” said the businessman to Mr. Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


Outraged by Mr. Motsepe’s comments, critics say he had taken on the role of spokesperson for Africa.

A recent poll has shown that Mr. Trump is popular in Nigeria and Kenya. The Pew Research Center has discovered that even though most countries in the world have little faith in Mr. Trump for doing the right thing in world affairs, 65% of Kenyans and 58% of Nigerians support him. South Africa, the other country included in the survey, recorded 42%.

Motsepe, 57, told Trump that it was an honor to meet him. The billionaire’s comments sparked comments on social media.

“Mr. Patrice Motsepe’s point of view on Africa, liking Donald Trump, is his, and his only,” said one user.



Others said they were embarrassed that Mr. Motsepe was trying to impress the President.

But some support Mr. Motsepe’s opinion. “There is some truth in what Mr. Motsepe said. Love is not only a feeling, but also acts of reverence and honor. African leaders revere imperialism and capitalism. South Africa is worse. The country could not even defend Mr. Trump’s poultry industry from wanting to dump its toxic chickens there. That’s love. “


“Patrice Motsepe is 100% right. In a globalized world, America’s success becomes Africa’s success and so on. Long live Patrice. “


Since his election, Donald Trump has never visited Africa. In 2018, he called the continent a “shitty country. “

The African Union then asked Mr. Trump to apologize for his “clearly racist” remarks. “


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